How To Support Working Mothers in Hospitality and Tourism


  • Justine Jasuale Stockton University


Motherhood, Hospitality, Tourism, Maternity leave, Childcare


This paper aims to identify obstacles new mothers face when returning to careers in the hospitality and tourism industry after childbirth and provide businesses with recommendations to support new mothers. The length of maternity leave and whether leave is paid or unpaid largely impacts stress, depression, and well-being for new mothers. Longer, paid maternity leaves are associated with job success and better health outcomes for new mothers. Further support from companies such as childcare services and flexible scheduling impacts how successful mothers are in their return to the hospitality industry. Governments can also support working mothers in hospitality and tourism by passing laws requiring paid maternity leave and offering subsidized childcare to low income families. This paper discusses practical considerations and future directions for research.

How To Support Working Mothers in Hospitality and Tourism - Cover Page




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