An Analysis of Challenges Facing The Growth and Development of Ecotourism



Ecotourism, marine ecotourism, sustainable tourism, tourism


Ecotourism focuses to minimize tourism impact through responsible travel, conservation, and education. Conservation of at-risk areas is incredibly important to preserving the health of ecosystems as well as improving the well-being of the local people. Furthermore, ecotourism is a much-needed tourism outlet that contributes to economic development of destinations and political empowerment of local communities. Ecotourism provides an opportunity for tourists to experience the natural beauties and wonders of the world and demonstrates what could be lost without conservation efforts.  However, with the increased commodification of the natural world, and exposing these regions to humans, there are risks. This industry commentary article compiles data from existing, published research on how countries have reduced risks and increased benefits in ecotourism and marine areas to influence a universal strategy for developing destinations.

Analysis of Challenges Facing the Growth and Development of Ecotourism - Cover




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