Letter from the Editor

Inaugural Issue - Fall 2021


  • Jane Bokunewicz


Dear Colleagues,

This inaugural issue of the International Journal of Gaming Hospitality and Tourism includes 6 articles on diverse topics in line with our mission of bridging the gap between industry practitioners and academic researchers and educators.  Each article provides a timely response to current industry challenges and actionable insights for a broad range of academic and business operations.

Three articles explored the issue theme of ‘resilience and revitalization’ by responding directly to the Covid-19 pandemic and public health crisis. One article provides a useful model for continuing undergraduate level internship programs during an industry shutdown. Another suggests strategies to reduce the negative impact of Covid-19 on environmentally sustainable practices in hotel and restaurant settings, while a third, maps a shift in visitation patterns and social media use due to the implementation of Covid-19 induced travel restrictions.

A fourth article offered a different perspective on the issue theme, focusing on resilience and revitalization for a specific group of individuals and their potential employers. At a time when the industry is facing labor shortages, the article provides valuable insight on implementing a re-entry employment program for previous offenders in the heavily licensed casino industry. 

The remaining two articles address important operational issues that are relevant to the resilience and revitalization of businesses at any time, regardless of the pandemic – identifying employee theft, and the importance of restroom cleanliness to customers’ perceptions of a restaurant.

I hope our readers enjoy this inaugural issue of the International Journal of Gaming Hospitality and Tourism.  Special thanks to all contributing authors; the editorial board; the section editors, Noel Criscione-Naylor, George De Feis, Jennifer Forney, and Theresa Lind; copyeditors, Naz Onel and Charles Sinondon and our managing editor, Sarah Grady for making this first issue possible.

Thank You,

Jane Bokunewicz

Founding Editor






Letter from the Editor