Letter from the Editor


  • Jane Bokunewicz


Dear Colleagues,

The third issue of the International Journal of gaming, hospitality and tourism is a special student issue that includes industry commentary style articles from graduate and undergraduate students around the globe.  I think our readers will be impressed by the depth of the student’s research and the insightful commentary and discussion contained in the articles.  It is interesting to read the fresh perspectives of students passionate about the hospitality industry. 

The call for papers for this issue was purposefully general without having a specific theme so the articles cover a wide range of gaming hospitality and tourism topics.  Several articles discuss the impact of emerging technologies on the future of hotel operations.  Others focus on guest perceptions including a study on the perceived safety of Airbnbs compared to hotels, a look at hotel responses to online reviews and guest satisfaction relating to technology.  One unique article provides strategies for making the workplace welcoming for working mothers. Another includes development strategies for a regional destination.

I hope our readers enjoy the diverse array of articles in this issue and the unique perspectives of students who are the future leaders of the gaming, hospitality, and tourism industries.  Special thanks to all contributing authors; the professors who encouraged students to submit their work; the editorial board; the section editors, Noel Criscione-Naylor, George De Feis, Jennifer Forney, and Theresa Lind; copy editor Dan Grote; and especially our managing editor Sarah Grady for making this student issue a success.

Thank you,

Jane Bokunewicz

Founding Editor

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Letter from the Editor