Letter from the Editor


  • Jane Bokunewicz


Dear Colleagues,

The second issue of the International Journal of Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism includes five articles in line with our mission of bridging the gap between industry practitioners and academic researchers and educators. Each article represents a different segment of the industry, but all contain insights that can be applied and used in operations or strategic planning.

Two of the articles focus on tourism spending in specific destinations in the Northeast region of the United States. One, an industry commentary paper, is a reflective case study of a Destination Marketing Organization’s (DMO) efforts to increase customer spending and economic development through a strategic approach to marketing. Although prepared for a specific destination, many of the strategies and recommendations can be applied to any DMO. Another article presents a unique approach to gaining insight into visitor spending and movement patterns. The authors propose using Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) from Flickr photo posts to overcome data availability issues in rural areas.

The hotel industry adopted enhanced cleaning protocols during the pandemic, many of which are still in place. One article in this issue explores the perception of hotel cleanliness before, during and beyond the pandemic. It’s an enlightening read for hotel operators. 

This issue also includes important research for the casino industry. With rising interest rates fueling fears of a recession, an article exploring the economic sensitivity of Las Vegas gaming revenues during the last two recessions is especially relevant. Another article, which explores the concept of Lifetime Customer Valuation, can help casino operators make more informed decisions in evaluating the worth of the various segments — especially as they look to attract a younger demographic of casino patrons.

I hope our readers enjoy the diverse array of articles in this issue.  Special thanks to all contributing authors; the editorial board; the section editors, Noel Criscione-Naylor, George De Feis, Jennifer Forney, and Theresa Lind; copy editor Dan Grote; and especially our managing editor Sarah Grady for making this second issue a success.


Thank you,

Jane Bokunewicz

Founding Editor

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Letter from the Editor