The Value of Using A Novel Decision Support Risk Assessment Tool When Investigating Internal Theft in a Gaming Establishment

—A Case Study


  • Alex Martin Clearspeed
  • John Zaal Clearspeed
  • Mario Azevedo Azevedo Solutions Group, Inc.
  • Christine Dutra Azevedo Solutions Group, Inc.


casino employees, internal theft, risk assessment, decision support tool, operational investigations


The average US gaming establishment with at least 1,000 employees loses roughly $3.3 million annually as a result of employee fraud.  Current internal theft identification strategies and methodologies are neither quick nor sufficient enough to curtail the financial damage, as it typically takes 12-16 months to detect and resolve most internal theft issues.  The current applied research case study examines a novel artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled voice screening tool and describes its capability in identifying previously undetected internal theft knowledge and involvement within a particular employee population. Compellingly, 95.5% of risk-flagged interviews were confirmed and verified.  In the total sample of 99 consenting study volunteers with no known history of internal theft, 0% initially admitted to a fraudulent offense.  During the automated telephone interview, 3% of the entire subject pool provided a total of four admissions to either knowing about or being involved in internal theft.  During the posttest follow-up interview, 16.2% of the subject pool made additional knowledge and/or involvement-based disclosures, germane to theft onsite.  Critically, as a result of the automated interview process, previously undiscovered internal theft details were identified.  Finally, this study’s description of specific characteristics and predictive qualities of high-risk employees should benefit gaming establishment security and investigative teams alike.

Author Biographies

  • Alex Martin, Clearspeed

    Alex Martin is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Clearspeed, where he manages overall operations, resources, and priorities of Clearspeed technologies.


  • John Zaal, Clearspeed

    John Zaal is VP of Finance & Operations at Clearspeed, where he is responsible for all financial matters, business operations, and the delivery of Clearspeed’s service.

  • Mario Azevedo, Azevedo Solutions Group, Inc.

    Mario Azevedo is the Owner of Azevedo Solutions Group, Inc. where he provides call center services for Clearspeed risk assessment interviews.

  • Christine Dutra, Azevedo Solutions Group, Inc.

    Christine Dutra is an Administrative Assistant at Azevedo Solutions Group, where she is responsible for managing various call center projects through communications setup and delivery.

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